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Dear Friends and Neighbors Against Mining our area,

Corkscrew Community is meeting at the Three Oaks Library again, on July 11th, Wednesday evening @ 7:00 PM.  The meeting will not last past 8:15 PM, and is vital to our organization and impact on the hearing examiner on July 18th. At this library meeting we will discuss what has happened since our last meeting in brief, and go over some strategy for the upcoming hearing meeting. For many of us, we are now veterans of this thing, and we will discuss only the necessary items. We do not want to waste your time, or ours.

We need the ladies to testify on July 18th as well as the men. If you are a housewife, and just want to save your children and quality of life from the heavy industrialization of our area, then come and say your piece. You have a great impact, and your voice will be heard and count.

We have never lost yet, so do not believe those who say we "can't beat big money". It is just not the facts of history here. We beat two large companies in their bid to industrialize this area, and we have the same reasons for stopping the new zoning applicant.

Mines are just not compatible with residential, environmental, hydrological life: period.  Heavy industrial zoning has no place out in this highly sensitive area, where we live and the county knows it. They just need us to show up and give them a good reason to turn it down. So vote with your feet, and make a long lasting difference.

Saving Corkscrew for our kids,


Pastor William J. Lytell
Until everybody has heard once,
nobody should hear twice.




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