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Thanks to Sharon Scowden we discovered the hearing date for the amendment to the Westwind Mine's zoning has been changed at the request of the mining people. It is now scheduled for June 26th. This date change potentially presents a BIG Problem for us which requires immediate action. June 26th is after the currently scheduled date for the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) to adopt the proposed changes of the Land Development Code (LDC) into law. This means the hearing will be on the new law (if it is approved) and not the current law. You may remember from the meeting that the new proposed law wants to designate sections the Westwind Corkscrew Mine currently owns plus adjoining sections as "presumed compatible". We think this will allow the miners to argue (in their zoning amendment hearing on June 26th) that "compatibility issues" such as traffic, noise, visual screening, etc. as well as potential environmental issues, are no longer relevant since the BoCC (if they accept the proposed map of lands presumed compatible) has already declared the mine on this particular property to be compatible. This could pull the rug right out from underneath us.

On Tuesday May 13th at 930 am the Board of County Commissioners will decide to keep or revise the dates for the public hearing on the proposed changes to the Land Development Code (LDC). The currently scheduled dates are June 10th for a public hearing on the LDC changes and June 24th for the BoCC to formally adopt the changes into law.

We all have to attend this meeting on Tuesday, May 13th. We need 40 people to show the level of commitment from this community. Only 3 or 4 people will need to speak. Most of you will show silent support. This item is at the beginning of the agenda, so you may need to stay less than an hour. It will be held in the Old Court House on the 2nd floor where the County Commissioners Officers are located. Call Lee Cares (phone 332-2737)for directions. We can only speak on the need for a change of date. Our objective will be to get the BoCC to change the dates of public hearing (June 10 hearing and June 24 adoption) and/or send the proposed LDC changes that relate to limerock mining back to the staff for review.

To prepare for the Tuesday am meeting, we will have a brief (1 hour) meeting the evening of Monday, May 12th at 700 pm. (The library is not available.) We will meet in our Hanger... "Corkscrew Trace Airpark" The entrance to the hanger is just east of our yellow mailbox at 21400 Corkscrew Road on the south side across the street from the Westwind Corkscrew Mine entrance. The gate will be open. Please drive your cars along the east fence line. Please do not drive on the runway! Park anywhere around the hangar. Bring your own chairs if you want to sit down. Put on your mosquito repellant. There are no "facilities" so make your pit stops before you arrive or bring a shovel. Bring your neighbors.

Peg and Rich Schmidt





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