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Please Come to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, June 10th at 5PM. You will have 3 minutes to speak.

The Board of County Commissioners will hear input from the public on the proposed changes to the Land Development Code (LDC). There are a lot of proposed changes on other topics – lighting, pets, etc. so you will hear a variety of speakers.

We all have to attend this meeting. We need to show what the East Corkscrew Road Rural Community looks like and sounds like.  We need 40 people to show the level of commitment from this community. Fill out the blue card to speak and give it to Mary Jane Abramson. She will put all our cards together.

The BoCC meeting is held in the Old Court House on the 2nd floor where the County Commissioners Offices are located. Call Lee Cares (phone 332-2737) for directions. We are speaking on the Land Development Code changes. We should not bring up the Westwind application for zoning amendment, but can refer to currently permitted mines and our experience with them or mining applications that were not approved (i.e. Schwab).  

Our objectives will be to get the BoCC to

1. Reject the eastern corridor on the proposed mining map as “presumed compatible” (south end of corridor on Corkscrew Road and north end on State Road 82 – see www.corkscrewroad.com for map).

2. Add to the LDC that all residents who are within the impact area of the mine should be notified of new mining applications and have a voice in the permitting of such a heavy industrial use. 

3. Remove the language from the LDC that restricts consideration of mining’s adverse impacts to adjacent or abutting property owners or “residential developments”

4.  Keep the parts of the proposed LDC that requires monitoring wetlands, the open space design plans, the new performance and reclamation standards, and establishment of baseline data for groundwater and surface water monitoring.

5. Do a proper Strategic Mining Study using the most current and appropriate science. Have all stakeholders represented in the process.



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