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Sample letters sent through the Brooks website:

From Gregg Cross:

"7 Years ago, my family and I choose to move to Estero, buy 10 acres, build a barn, fencing and an arena, to support my sons interest in the sport of rodeo.  & years later, my son trains horses, in Texas, and thanks to our lifestyle choice, is doing a decent job of making a living and enjoying life.   Those 7 years were not easy, MOST in part to the ongoing battle we have had with the mining industry, who at one time (Schwab Industries) wanted to put a rock crusher and asphalt plant, 400 yards from my home.  Thousands of dollars, endless hours of time, and troubles we still fight our battle to keep the lifestyle we chose.  Please do not let this happen. 
My farm is now used for filed trips and outings for special needs kids, inlcluding autistic, and severely mentally handicapped children.  Being able to do this in a peaceful climate has made it easier having our only child away.  The change that minining will  have in our area, will surely take this opportunity and others away."

The Strategic Aggregate Review Task Force that you appointed last year filed their report with you and the legislative leaders on February 1st as required by that legislation. As you know the Task Force, after four public hearings and 70 hours of deliberation, reached consensus on a wide variety of important aggregate mining issues all at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars. There were thirteen (13) Consensus Recommendations that need to be implemented by the State of Florida if we are to have a long range plan that would assure a continuous, adequate supply of aggregate while minimizing such mining’s impact on the environment, our water supply and quality and adjacent communities.

On February 21st Harkley Thornton, Chairman of the Task Force, presented the recommendations of the Task Force to the House Committee on Infrastructure That is thus far the only response that the legislature has given to the extensive work of the Task Force. . If all the Consensus Recommendations of the Task Force are not adopted it would be a monumental waste of our taxes, the time and effort of the Task Force and the expertise that was assembled for the Task Force.

Meanwhile, the House Committee on Environmental Protection on March 19th passed PCB ENRC 8-13, a local government preemption bill supported by the mining industry that conflict with the Task Force’s recommendations; Senator Michael Bennett has filed another such bill, SB 2406 and the Senate Transportation Committee has approved SB 774 that would require a super-majority for County Board’s to deny an aggregate mining permit while a simple majority is needed to approve such a measure. If one had any doubts about who is pulling the strings on this issue in Tallahassee this year that inequitable provision should remove them.

I urge you to use your good offices to persuade the legislative leaders that they should respond to the good work of the Strategic Aggregate Review Task Force and stop trying to transfer aggregate mining decisions from the local governments that can invest the time and effort to understand the unique characteristics of each of these complex decisions to some state bureaucracy that has neither the staff nor expertise to make such far reaching decisions.

I know you are really concerned about the welfare of the people of the State of Florida. This is an issue that affects many Florida residents and your help is greatly needed.

Thank you for your consideration and help.

From Kevin Hill:

I am a long time resident of the Corkscrew Rural Community located in SE Lee County.  Our community is designated in the Lee Comprehensive Land Use Plan as Density Reduction / Groundwater Recharge (DR/GR). Mining is deemed an "allowable use" throughout the DR/GR, subject to zoning permit approvals on a case-by-case basis. Recently accelerating development pressure by the rock mining industry has caused great concern among residents in Corkscrew and throughout the county who anticipate permanent loss of open spaces, critical wildlife habitat, wetlands & groundwater resources, and rural community aesthetics.

(see map  at http://www.corkscrewroad.com/images/mine-apps-map107.jpg )

 [remainder of "form" letter the same as above]






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